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A Better Place to Build Your Career

At McKee Foods, we believe in being the preferred employer in every community where we work. And we believe in being a good neighbor to those communities because we want our employees to be proud to say they are a McKee Foods baker. Choosing to make a career with us means great opportunities to create, innovate, grow and be part of a winning team. 

When you are part of our family bakery, your talents and dedication are recognized and rewarded. We employ talented professionals in fields ranging from food science to transportation management. An important part of our fundamental philosophy is that each employee is an individual and, as such, deserves the dignity and worth of being treated as an individual. It takes smart, dedicated employees to make great-tasting snack foods of outstanding quality and value. Our success begins with you! Learn more about careers at McKee Foods.

The video below features employees from different areas of the company including production, engineering, management, marketing and technical services sharing their experience at McKee Foods Corporation.  Let's hear what they have to say!

A Healthy Workplace

McKee Foods Corporation is truly a healthy workplace with corporate wellness initiatives and an emphasis on family wide health.

"I’ve discovered that if I want more energy, sleep, and happiness, then exercising is a must do.  Working at the bakery has easily created this mindset because since 1968, the Lord blessed us with the ability to provide employees a gymnasium, swimming pool, ball field and hiking trails on 78.7 acres of beautiful rural land in Hixson, TN.  We called it Little Debbie Park and our employees have enjoyed the improved quality of life through the blessing of exercise.

Today, we have fitness rooms near our employee’s work areas and health, wellness and nutritional classes to strengthen our knowledge.  It is fun to make cookies and cakes, to enjoy them in moderation and have the encouragement and facilities to burn the calories consumed.  I love working here!” 

  Rusty McKee (Executive Vice President)

Community Involvement

The McKee family strongly believes in the importance of giving back to and supporting the communities in which they operate .

Through several initiatives, the company gives back to their communities. They encourage healthy and active lifestyles through the Outdoor Happiness movement and the IRONMAN Chattanooga race sponsorships. They promote volunteerism, education and helping those in need through their work with United Way and Junior Achievement.

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Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.