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A Business Grows Out of a Car

.D. enjoyed selling Virginia Dare five-cent cakes. Each Monday he took the back seat out of the Whippet, and each weekday morning he loaded the car with snack cakes. At the end of the week, he put the back seat in, and it became the family car again. At the end of a year, the young McKees were on secure footing with bills paid and a new delivery truck in the driveway.

About that time, a small, three-employee bakery on Main Street in Chattanooga came on the market, and O.D. wanted to buy it. Ruth, who was cautious by nature, was at first reluctant. They had three children by this time, so she had reason to be concerned. The Virginia Dare business seemed like a sure thing, and Jack’s Cookie Company did not. The bakery was on the market because it was in debt and in trouble. She naturally wondered how O.D. could be successful if the previous owners were not.


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